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Developed to operate with Windows (7, Vista and xP) or Linux and Visual Studio 2008 or GCC, Ada2cc is a tool to convert software written in the Ada programming language to C++ or C#.  The tool provides a means to convert code written in legacy Ada 83 and Ada 95 to the more widely used C++ and C# languages.  ARM and ISO variants of C++ are supported, and source code for support libraries is included to allow for porting to embedded environments.


The United States Department of Defense (DoD) retracted the Ada Mandate in 1998.  Before that time, however, hundreds of millions of lines of Ada code had been written.  Further, the Ada programming language has been widely utilized not only in DoD acquisition programs, but commercially as well (Including avionics systems for commercial jet liners and for proprietary trading systems on "The Street".)  While an excellent language in the DoD environment (And in fact for most environments), it lacked a sufficient following in academia where it was neglected.  The sad fact is that today, Ada programmers are in short supply. This talent shortage has made it difficult for firms of all sizes to modernize this existent code base. 


This is where ADA2CC from Rehosting Technologies comes into play.  Rather than discarding and re-engineering existent and proven code, the ADA2CC translator preserves valuable technical and business knowledge in a language that is more widely supported.


Specifically, the translator provides for:


 - Readability

 - Maintainability and Extensibility  in the target language   

 - Original formatting is kept to the maximum possible degree    

 - Original comments are preserved    

 - Variable names are normalized   

 - Useful debugging information is generated


RTIsam is Rehosting Technologies' version of an Indexed Sequential Access Method database. This software was developed for customers who utilized Sun Microsystem’s NETIsam system which was originally created in the late 1980s. RTIsam is plug and play compatible with NETIsam at the API and file levels.  


For customers who are trying to move from SPARC to x86 platforms or from x86 to x64 platforms, RTIsam is a tool that removes this legacy roadblock.

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