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Since 2004, Rehosting Technologies, Inc. has developed software tools and provided consulting to firms migrating from legacy hardware and software platforms. Majority woman-owned and based in Virginia close to several major Department of Defense (DoD) facilities, RTI has been privileged to provide products and services to most major defense contractors and through them, programs of record that directly support the warfighter. 

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Meet the Staff


CEO/ Creative Director

Brianna's  ingenuity in international business strategy coupled with her experience in product development allows her to provide creative solutions for expansion and growth, as well as to identify and provide for the various needs of different target markets. In her spare time, Brianna enjoys channelling her creative energy by working with her 3D printer, Stacey.



COO/ Director of Systems

John's experienced background in software development has led to a rewarding career that has lasted for longer than he cares to admit. His multifaceted career has ranged from being the Senior Vice President of Systems Engineering at a prominent Wall Street firm to being the Technical Director and Consultant at a defense firm. John's favorite hobbies include woodworking and brewing his own beer.



Business Strategy/ Marketing Specialist

Julia's experience as an engineering consultant and background in business administration has allowed her to provide insightful takes on RTIs growth and positioning. When she has free time, she enjoys playing tennis and painting.



Office Manager

Sue provides clerical support and handles all financial aspects of RTI, including  the accounts payable and payroll. She is an experienced accountant who has worked in both the private and public sectors, and her superior management skills, consistent accuracy, and spotless integrity make her a credit to her profession. When she is not at work, Sue enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering at the local food pantry.

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